When determining which autoresponder to get, you will most likely consider a few points:

  1. Price:
  2. Ease of Use:
  3. Integration into other platforms such as a CRM.
  4. Functionality:

But before you consider which autoresponder you will consider, let’s review the full objective of why you are searching for an autoresponder.

  1. You have alot of emails of clients you have met in the past, yet you are leary on how to approach them:  Well, there is no question you do have to approach them, but an email may just fall on deaf ears. An attack plan of an email, a letter, a phone call, a text message is by far most optimum.  But yes, and email needs to be sent out.
  2. You know that the world is shifting toward an Internet based society: Look at Facebook for example. It’s surpassed 400 million and continuing. Twitter is another perfect example.  So, it’s true an autoresponder in necessary, but a full Internet Marketing approach needs to be considered.

So with all that said, here are a few Email Autoresponder systems I like:

  1. iContact: http://www.icontact.com A whitelisted server with tons of capabilities.
  2. Aweber:  http://www.aweber.com Another very powerful based email blast system.
  3. Masterdigm: http://www.masterdigm.com A customer relationship management application that has web services with iContact. For example, you have a website and a lead comes through via a webform.  The lead will go into the Masterdigm (CRM), but also will automatically push into iContact saving you time for double entry. 
  4. Constant Contact:www.constantcontact.com

What ever the case is, you may want to consider an Internet Marketer that will help you build the full scope of your Internet market approach.  I think a web based crm is definitely needed and a professional website designer will be great to have in your arsensol to make pages for you as time continues.