One of the common errors a lot of people make, irrespective of if they are online marketers or businesses putting a site on the web , is they fail to do their keyword research in the first instance . Once you have identified a prospective target audience, it is then time to focus on the keywords that will generate the best traffic for the site. This is where a software program known as Market Samurai can make all the hard work very easy .

Finding quality keywords is critical in generating traffic. You have to know what terms people are looking for online when looking to purchase some goods or services . There are many subtle differences as well with keywords. Singular terms can produce more searches and therefore traffic, than the plural of a term for example . It can be a good idea to ask friends and associates what they would type into Google to get some base ideas . If you are in business, you are often too close to find some of the other search terms some folk might use to find your product or service.

Detailed keyword research forms the basis of your online Search Engine Optimization  strategy. You should build your site based on the major keywords you decide to target . That said , if you do your research thoroughly , you will be able to identify several other keywords that you can use to write blog posts or articles on your website . These keywords, whilst offering lower search volume, are known as the “long tail” . You may be surprised to learn that 70% of traffic comes from the long tail and consequently, it is worthwhile in focusing on this area when adding content on your site .

For a start , keywords in the long tail will be less competitive and therefore you have an great chance of getting high rankings . As a result you can generate traffic to your site. Once on your site, visitors will have the chance to discover more about you and your business, hopefully even join your autoresponder .

Secondly, the one thing that search engines love is fresh and unique content. Writing blog posts or articles on your website demonstrates to the search engines that the site is not stagnant . The more content on your website , the more internal links there are back to your home page and the more interesting visitors will find your site . Consequently , you are establishing yourself as a leading expert in your field .

The reality is that 70% of SEO is quite basic. Following the basics of keyword research, fresh and unique content and good internal linking will do much to help you get better rankings in the search engines. When you combine this with putting content out on the web at large to gain backlinks , you are well on your way to decent rankings in the search engines.