Learning about what a web designer does, their use of website design software and their needed experience is the intention of this article.

Web designers can be asked to do all sorts of things that do not fall into the traditional roles of the job. Many people do not fully understand the job of a designer. In this article I am going to nail down exactly what a web designer is and what they should be able to do. First I’ll touch of the differences between a web designer and a web developer. A designer creates the visuals for a webpage and the layout, but a developer acts more behind the scenes with coding and programming.

The Definition of a Web Designer

Designers build websites for businesses or individuals. The information of the business is portrayed on the website and the designer uses the theme or logo of a company to base their designs on. The web has become another area of businesses to get into. More customers from further afield can be achieved with an international website.

What things do web designer’s do?

That’s a complicated question. There are things that every web designer has to do to be able to claim the job title but there are many areas of contention within their role. It should be possible for your web designer to be able to do web design and development but this is not always the case.

These are what a web designer should be able to do:

Understand and keep current will all new emerging technology,  Layout web pages with HTML, XHTML, XML , and other programming languages, Translate your ideas, needs and expectations into a web page,  Design navigation elements (such as navigation bars).

Sometimes it might be difficult for a web designer to have all those different programming languages under their belt. It is the same as being fluent in five or six languages. Quite complicated. Web designers get better as they learn more of these web-languages. Well that should help you on your search for a good web designer!